трансфер из каттолики в римини

To order a transfer or taxi from Rimini to Cattolica with a Russian-speaking driver, write to info@rimini.taxi or call +79261813155 (Viber, WhatsApp).

Have you heard of Cattolica? If not, or very remote, then do not miss the opportunity and come here for at least one day to fill a small gap in your journey.

This Italian resort town is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of the province of Rimini. Cattolica has earned the title of “Queen of the Adriatic Sea”, as it has more than a dozen well-equipped beaches with velvet sands and crystal clear azure water on its territory. Cattolica welcomes thousands of tourists every year, including many couples with children. Cattolica is the perfect place for a family holiday.

Among the attractions of Cattolica, in addition to gorgeous beaches, Le Navi Aquarium is distinguished. It really impresses with its size and the number of unique representatives of the underwater worlds. Here they can be seen both through glass and in their immediate habitat. The Malatesta Tower is a must see. This is a unique architectural monument, which is part of the castle of the Malatesta family, built in the 15th century, that has survived to this day. Also worth seeing is the Royal Museum, which is located in the former Pilgrim Hospital, and the Royal Theater of Cattolica, where the performance of any genre becomes magic thanks to its excellent acoustics. It is worth paying attention to the church of Sant’Apollinare. Inside, unique masterpieces of medieval art are kept: paintings of St. Andrew and St. Virgin Mary, the Patroness of the Sea, the Basearini altar with portraits of St. Sebastian and St. Rocco, and so on.

Getting from Rimini to Cattolica is easy. You need to drive less than half an hour, and you will plunge into the atmosphere of a beach resort with a distinctive history. The easiest way to get to Cattolica from Rimini is by taxi. We recommend ordering a transfer from Rimini to Cattolica with us, as we provide services at the highest level, we value the time of our clients and assume full responsibility for all passengers. In the interiors of our cars there is always clean drinking water, high-speed Wi-Fi, radio and air conditioning. In addition, when applying for a transfer from Rimini to Cattolica, you can specify the details of the trip and leave additional wishes. We will definitely take them into account.

To order a transfer to Cattolica, write to info@rimini.taxi or call +79261813155 (Viber, WhatsApp).