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Rimini is one of the most popular resorts in Europe. The city of Rimini is located in the region of Emilia-Romagna, which is located between the rivers Ausa and Marecchia.

As a city with a rich history, Rimini has a large number of architectural monuments, which allows you to combine holidays at sea with sightseeing.

The resort city of Rimini has the first place in Italy in terms of the possibility of receiving tourists: at the same time, Rimini can receive more than half a million tourists. Rimini has about 2,000 hotels, about 12,000 apartments and villas. All Rimini hotels are small, urban and practically do not have their own territory.

The Adriatic coast (from Milano Marittima to Pesaro) has the longest coastline in Europe, the length of which is about 54 km, of which Rimini accounts for about 15 km. Rimini can be divided into a resort area and a historic center stretching along the coast.

Rimini is conveniently located, it is equidistant from the main Italian sightseeing attractions: Florence and Venice are 3 hours away, Rome is a little further, and only 25 km away is an independent state, the oldest republic in the world – San Marino.

Also within reach of Rimini are Pisa with its famous leaning tower and Gradara with its medieval castle, Urbino, the birthplace of Raphael, and the castle of San Leo, the prison of Count Cagliostro, the last capital of the Western Roman Empire, Ravenna and Bologna with the oldest university in Europe.

All of the above makes Rimini one of the most popular, most fun, and therefore the most beloved resorts on the Adriatic coast of Italy, where you can experience the charm of a real Italian holiday.